Photo Highlights

Melaveh Malka Chukas 5778

The Yeshiva held a Melaveh Malka and shiur on the topic of Ksivas Sefer Torah, leilui nishmas Harav HaTzadik Rav Aryeh Rottman zt"l, Motzei Shabbos parshas Chukas 5778.

Photo Highlights Tishrei 5778

The Yeshiva held its annual Simchas Beis Hashoeva with a great turnout of Bochurim, Rebbeim, Parents and Alumni old and new. Lively music was provided by Ari Goldwag who enthused the crowd. During the Tishrei Bein Hazemanim, the Yeshiva went on...

Photo Highlights Summer 5777

There was a very special event towards the end of Zman. In addition to the End of Year Siyumim made by many of the Bachurim who finished the Masechta which the Yeshiva was learning. A 3rd year Bachur Rudi Spitzer published a Sefer, which was compiled of...