Where is Mercaz HaTorah located?

Rechov Ein Tzurim 17, Talpiot, Jerusalem

How many talmidim are in Mercaz HaTorah?


How many talmidim do you accept each Elul?

Approximately 56

How long is the Yeshiva’s program? How many years do boys normally stay at Mercaz?

It is a three year program. Most boys stay for three years.

How many first year Rebbeim are there? How many first year shiurim are there?

There are 4 main Rebbeim in the first year and 4 first year shiurim.

Are the shiurim divided according to level?


How are chavrusas organized?

Depends which seder. Between the bochurim with the help of the rebbeim.

What time is curfew?

12:30 am

Where do the boys eat?

In the main dining hall situated in the main buidling.

Do the boys have to be in Yeshiva for Shabbos?

It depends which Shabbosim. On most Shabbosim the boys do not have to be at the Yeshiva.

Do you have extra-curricular activities?

There is a work-out room on the premises and various courts within walking distance of the Yeshiva.

Do the boys go on Tiyulim?

Yes. There are several tiyulim a year.

What kind of phones are the boys allowed to have?

Kosher phone.

Does the Yeshiva have a dress code?

Hat and jacket during davening.

How do we find about tuition fees?

After being accepted to the yeshiva a registration form is sent to the parents along with fees and other pertinent information.

Do you assist in Insurance?

We guide the parents in regard to health insurance.

Do you organize a Visa for the boys?

The yeshiva assists bochurim in regard to arranging visas.

Does the Yeshiva give credits?

The yeshiva grants valuable college credit approved by the National College Credit Recommendation Service.